Wednesday, 21 August 2019

All finished - How are we feeling?

We have finished Art TAG… what do you have to say about your learning here.

Octavia – I like painting so TAG was GOOD.

Maja – I liked TAG because we can copy other paintings.

Georgia – I loved TAG because I love painting. I learned new ways to paint.

Zoe – It was really good fun. I learned how to paint mountains.

Brittany – I like TAG because you make wonderful pictures. It was a bit hard… but at the end we did it good and beautiful.

Robbie – I’m sad it’s finished because I love doing painting. I learned how to do proper mountains and clouds.

Holly – For a start I was a wee bit nervous to come to TAG but now I’m glad I got to come. I loved coming because I’ve never got to paint so much.

Myra-Lei. I love TAG because I learned to paint real things. I’m proud of my painting.

Eden – I learned a lot about painting. I learned to paint like a grown up. I also liked the games at TAG.

Beatrix – I liked painting the mountains. It looked really pretty. I was proud of myself. Everyone said my painting was amazing and now it is hanging on my bedroom wall.

Emma – I thought that TAG was fun… because I like painting. I learned how to paint mountains. I liked getting to work with the other people because I liked them.

Zara – I love TAG because you get to do fun stuff like… adult painting on a canvas.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Getting started on our landscape

     This is the painting we are trying to recreate... it is in 3D and has lots of shading and good examples of light and dark areas.

Arts TAG Beginning Days

We are Year 1 and 2 pupils at Allenton School in Ashburton who have shown potential or  talent in Art.  

We are meeting every Tuesday with Mrs Maw our GATE Co-ordinator to do painting. 

Please follow our journey. 

We have also shared it on Seesaw with our families.

Here is some warm up art to start together used to working together.